Saturday, August 11, 2012

Big Turn-around.

In life,the only thing worth fighting is your family, career and love and probably the good friends that you want to keep with you. I have been fighting for my career all these while and for the one i loved for past one year and its all good. After sometime we just hit the peak and you know exactly whether the game is yours or its time to back off. So my career is my game and im going to play it cool no matter how much of strength its going to take and power to withstand my parents still not being supportive of the idea of LAW. One day i know i will look back say it was all worth, the crying, the workload, the stress and how much i worked to survive.

The next best thing i ever fought for myself was the one that i wanted, despite all the dramas and all the nuisance. I stood there not wanting to back off because i know one day i will look back and say im so happy now. But sadly we have reach the peak or at least me, and i know this is cant go on,so letting go was the best choice.
Its funny how life makes you grow stronger each time you give up. 2012 is another year to remember, a year to make me grow older and wiser. My 21st, i wanted something significant to happen but guess even before i reach my birthday i manage to see it;')

So i have decided to take a year gap to get all i want before i graduate and practice once im back.
One more year of work,career growth,savings and fun times!

something that we managed to retain two years in a row;championship

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